From a bold movement to unify America through service to unlocking the power of gratitude for others, discover exciting programs designed to help you, your students and the world.

Developed in partnership with leading education experts and advisors, each program features evidence-based, curriculum-aligned resources plus exciting engagement and learning opportunities to support you and your students to become agents of positive change.


Timely, relevant resources to support you in the classroom

Timely, relevant resources to support teachers and empower students

A library of 100s of easy-to-implement and access resources designed to address critical social issues such as trauma-informed practices, social-emotional learning and EDI. Featuring virtual learning opportunities, training sessions, clock hours and more.

Realize the dream

Partnering with Martin Luther King III to unite America around service

Rallying America round Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of service and unity

Realize the Dream is a bold movement to unify and uplift America by calling on communities to perform 100 million hours of service by the 100th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birth. Leading the charge will be a national youth service education program in schools across the United States, designed to empower the next generation of community heroes.

Say It Now

Uplifting others through gratitude

Uplifting others through gratitude

Say It Now is a movement to change how and when we express gratitude for the people who have impacted our lives, from too late to right now. This fun, experiential program offers easy tools to help jumpstart your and your students’ gratitude journey and instill an understanding of the power of gratitude to transform someone’s life, and theirs.

Shift Failure

Unleashing resilience, grit and innovation in students

Building resilience in students

In this experiential program for Grades 5-12, students learn firsthand the valuable lessons that failure can teach. They’ll build critical life skills such as perseverance, grit, resilience and determination while learning to embrace failure as a source of confidence and celebration, not shame.

Well Being

Equipping youth with skills to nurture their well-being

Equipping youth with skills to nurture their well-being

Developed with leading experts in mental health and social-emotional learning, this ambitious program equips students from K-12 with essential skills and tools to nurture their well-being. Backed by science and evaluated using cutting-edge research, curriculum and activities are designed to build formidable competencies and champion lifelong well-being, for them and you.


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