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Our programs and curriculum have been developed in collaboration with extraordinary experts, thinkers and advisors from diverse fields of education and mental health to deliver the best outcomes for you and your students.

Amplifying our work, and yours, through collaboration with 100s of leading educational partners, including:

College Board
Lausd unified
Harmony public school
Riverside county
Howard county
Federal way
YMCA For Youth Development
Pomona Unified School District
Educational Service District
Burlington Edison School District
After School all Stars Los Angeles
Centre for Mindfulness Studies

Generating transformational results for teachers and their students

Honed over three decades, our programs have consistently led to significant positive impacts for teachers and their students.


of educators say our programs make their students more likely to take action to improve lives at home and abroad.


of educators say students demonstrated increased leadership.


of educators feel more professionally fulfilled because of their involvement in our programs.


As I evolve as a teacher leader, I desperately want to share with other educators about the importance of social emotional learning (SEL). Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) and SEL are critical for student success, especially our ESL students. Through Education+, I can connect with thousands of other passionate teachers. I want to share with other educators, so they, too, will have a mindset of impacting change in their own classrooms.

Malvern, Arkansas
Claudine James, Malvern Middle School

“I had never considered service learning to be an integral part of my teaching until I became part of the Education+ network. But after seeing the life-changing impacts on my students, I feel service learning is one of the most important aspects of our school curriculum. Students develop a wide range of skills and abilities through their giving back to our local and international communities. They learn empathy and they realize they can truly make a difference in the world around them.”

British Columbia, Canada
Mike Wilson,Columneetza Secondary School

“Of all the educational materials in resources that I’ve used over the past 20 years, the most valuable are the ones that gave my students the tools to visualize their purpose, to set goals, to develop action plans, and to know the ‘world’ needs them. As a part of the Education+ community, we recognize the importance of empowering youth to realize their dreams through self-awareness and community relationships.”

Garland, Texas
Marcie Adame, School Counselor, Shorehaven Elementary School


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